DesignOnline, a graphic design partner for individuals

You are very good at what you do. Layout and design are not your areas of expertise. If you need help with:

  • Blog creation to promote your ideas or support your business
  • Graphic design
  • Book cover design 
  • Business marketing items:
    • Brochures
    • Presentations 
    • Format articles, business plans, etc. 

DesignOnline will work with you to give you a finished product designed to fit your project. You supply the basic elements via email including text, images, graphs and the form this project will take, for example, book, ebook, PDF file, etc. I will return your project for review and approval followed by the finished project.

Need help finding images? Here are three of the many companies with images for sale. Check the license to be sure your selection is available for the use you wish to put it. Bookmark and check with me before you purchase.